#ReclaimTemples is an initiative to revive and rebuild the Heritage monuments which now lies in neglect and in ruins. These monuments bequeathed by our ancestors have a story to tell, that of the history, culture, trials and tribulations faced by our glorious civilisation

reviving the heritage of bharat

Bharat was truly the Abode of Gods where its magnificent temples was a display of the advancement of our civilisation in architecture, science and mathematical precision. These places were also the centres of social harmony, and social security. However today more than two lakh Heritage monuments lies abandoned and in ruins throughout Bharat. They are under constant assault of the vagaries of nature and of hostile intent and wanton destruction. All these priceless Heritage will be lost in another decade if no affirmative actions taken to preserve the same.

#ReclaimTemples is an attempt to protect the Heritage of Bharat, rebuild and revive it as centres of social security and harmony. Our ancient monuments are a witness to the many invasions that happened in Bharat and bears the scars of same. We trace and tell the true History of Bharat through these Heritage monuments, and record it for times to come. Also via the many volunteers we are attempting to revive the monuments which were a reflection of the prosperity and pride of our ancestors. Its the duty of each of us to rebuild these Heritage monuments to its pristine glory.

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Our Projects


We are promoting research into the history and architecture of Bharat. Our objective is to publish books and research papers.

Heritage Activism

We are forming Heritage teams in districts across Bharat. This will lead to participation of general public to preserve and rebuild the Heritage monuments


We are running campaigns to publicise the status of Heritage monuments across Bharat and nurture the demand for its revival

Mapping the Heritage

We have undertaken the mapping of Heritage monuments across Bharat. As of now mapping of 3600+ monuments under ASI supervision has been completed.

Rebuilding Temples

We have undertaken the project to rebuild Hindu temples which were destroyed during various periods of history, especially the Mysorean invasion of South India.


We do make targeted legal interventions for Heritage, for evicting encroachments and for correcting historical injustice.

we need your support

In a span of two years since the start of the project we have documented the history and architecture of more than 300 Heritage monuments, developed Android app with 3600+ Heritage sites mapped across Bharat, revived worship in many temples in Karnataka and Kerala through volunteers. Our campaign on Heritage conservation reaches millions every month. Also the research and documentation of temples destroyed in South India is progressing well and more than 50 temples have been documented till date.

Our goal is to rebuild as many temples as possible in the next five years. The initial project to restore temples destroyed during Mysorean invasion of Kerala is proceeding well. The restoration of two temples are ongoing in Malappuram district of Kerala. Further projects have been shortlisted and will begin as soon as we can raise resources for same.

We are looking to expand the ground level activities to all districts across Bharat by end of this year and also make some targeted legal interventions. Your support will help us accelerate the project as we get more volunteers on ground and more minds on the campaign to protect the Heritage of Bharat. 

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